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Search Engine Optimization

it takes content strategy and coding skills to excel at this

Technical SEO

As a developer at Kroger, I handled all meta data related tasks, including attempts at the troublesome meta data on pages rendered client-side through React and Angular. From my development background, I built a spreadsheet to generate structed data formatted for the Magento Layout XML by inputting URLs, titles, and descriptions only (perfect for colleauges that don't know how to code or understand Open Graph, Twitter Cards, or schema.

Take a look at my presentation about Rendering Javascript for SEO

Keyword Research

My technical and analytical experience has helped me to format a spreadsheet to track organic keywords and direct revenue for every product category and top-performing content pages month by month. Noticing trends in keywords and social media, I help inform about opportunities for new article content, product development, and current product and category page keyword optimization.

Local SEO

While working at OhioHealth, I managed the process of updating hundreds of Google My Business listings.

By understanding and having practical knowledge of all of these aspects of SEO, I have helped teach Intro to Search Engine Optimization for Girl Develop It Cincinnati and teach interns I've managed about all the elements of SEO.


Ever questioned if you could really find the ROI of Social Media? Well you most definitely can and I can show you how (here's an old blog post to try on for size). In case the metrics in all the other solutions I can provide doesn't tell you, I love finding the stories that data can tell. You'll get more from me than just a bunch of traffic numbers and percentages but where conversions are lacking, user flow is dropping and what might be the cause of that.

Tools I've Used

  • Google Analytics
  • Omniture Analytics
  • Facebook Insights
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Sysymos Heartbeat
  • and just pulling raw data from survey's through Survey Monkey and ConstantContact

I know my way around Excel formulas

Email Marketing

As Marketing and Events Manager at Bridgewater Falls, grew subscribers 450% over 8 months and maintained an average 30% open rate and 17% click rate

Additionally, I audited internal databases to form an integrated digital marketing CRM database and a strategy for better lead acquisition and use of instant CRM and email marketing tools.

Web Development

I built this!

My journey in coding started when I was building webpages for in my first job out of college. I taught myself some HTML. I continued using it when updating websites and blogs for my job or volunteer work and continued to polish my skills with the organization Girl Develop It. Through that organization I took:

  • Intro to HTML/CSS
  • Intermediate HTML/CSS, covering HTML5 & CSS3
  • Intro to Javscript
  • and Intro to PHP/MVC

I helped teach GDI classes, including Intermediate HTML/CSS & Intro to JavaScript/jQuery. Additionally, I worked as a full-time developer working in ReactJS, Ruby, Angular, Sass and LESS for Kroger, and have worked as a full-time front-end developer building client websites using HTML/CSS/jQuery for member clubs (yacht clubs, country clubs, spas).

Lately, I've been working on automation in Google Apps Script and Python. Check out my popular Apps Script that creates Google Slides from data in Sheets. Hear about my adventure in learning Python and see my mobile SERP scraping tool in action


From strategy to tactics

Influencer Marketing

At OhioHeath, I helped to find online influencers and attend social meetup events to live tweet and encourage tweeting from the influencers and community, garnering 2.8 million estimated impressions from 225 Twitter mentions by 81 users in one month. For a high-end home products brand, I established a standard operating procedure around its influencer marketing and manage vetting and contracting those partnerships.


After taking over the Instagram strategy, followers increased more than 1000% in about 18 months. Staying up to date with Stories, IGTV, and ad options (in addition to the influencer marketing) drove that growth. Continuing to understand changes on a social platforms and emerging platforms is a huge interest.


While managing (writing, posting, responding) to OhioHealth's social media accounts, I maintained a 14.59% total engagement rate while the same time frame the previous year only had a 4.19% rate. Also

  • Facebook referrals increased 953% over the previous year
  • Mobile Facebook referrals to the site increased 470% over the previous year
  • Twitter referrals to the site increased 2053% over the previous year
For Bridgewater Falls Shopping Center, I grew their Facebook "fans" (back in the day) by 800% and engagement by 450% in 8 months.

Social Customer Service

By setting up and using listening tools, I help monitor customer relations issues online and have helped to turn a few 1-star reviews into 5-star reviews thanks to quick responses. Because of my usual quick response, I've helped to mitigate any public relations crises